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Milestone Trust For Special Children

Milestone is the brainchild of late Dr. Gautam Koppikar. The idea of a child development centre was born during his residency at K.E.M Hospital, Mumbai in the late seventies. This dream became a reality in the year 2000 with the initiation of a pilot project for children with disabilities. Milestone Child Development Clinic was established in September 2000.This was the first centre in North Maharashtra offering comprehensive rehabilitative care to special children, under one roof... Read More

About Developmental Behavioral & Learning Disorders
Established in July 2002, these are the first centers for Autistic children in North Maharashtra. ANKUR, ANMOL, UDAAN are given support for integration into mainstream schools
Developmental Assessment, Assessing social skills and self-help skills, Evaluating cognitive abilities (I.Q Testing), Measuring visuo-motor abilities, Educational Assessment..
Play Therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech and Language Therapy, Social Skills Training..
PARENT SUPPORT GROUP: We provide a common platform for parents of special children where they can engage in parent-to- parent counseling regarding their concerns..