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Frequently Asked Questions:
1: My child who has been diagnosed with Autism . Will he be able to go to a regular school?

Ans: Autism is a spectrum disorder with a wide range of variants. Children with Autism who are diagnosed early, have received appropriate and early therapeutic interventions, are verbal and have normal intellectual abilities, may be able to attend a mainstream school. very often, inspite of all favourable factors, Autstic children may find it difficult to adjust in maistream schools due to their behavioural problems. Also, most mainstream schools do not have special teachers who are trained to address the needs of children with special needs.

2: Can Autism be cured?

Ans: Autism is a disorder of brain functioning. At present, the exact causes of Autism have not been identified and hence it is not a curable condition. But with early, appropriate therapeutic interventions, many children with Autism can be made fairly independent.

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